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The aim of this method is to make students stronger and more resilient. This is achieved by letting students reflect both verbally and the by act.

Reflection can be defined in two ways
1. (Unconsciously) taking over the behavior of the parents or the environment.
2. (Consciously) looking at your own behavior and understanding how others see you.

Goals Reached
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The Mental Method


The method I've developed will give you insights and will help you reach your goals

    What motivates you?
    Giving insight in personal motivation, what the own needs and wishes are.
    Giving insight into own behavior.
    Giving insight into how they are viewed by others, what is the influence of one’s own behaviour.
    Improve your performance
    Giving means to change one’s own behavior to improve performances.

The approach consists of two parts, the internal and external session.

This course is focused on the following target group:

1. Players between 8 and 19 years old
2. Adults
3. Management leading groups (trainers/coaches)


1. All participants write down 5 objectives (young players 3).

2. Objectives are discussed to get to know each other better.

3. Objectives consist past, future and what one still wants to achieve in life (max. 4 people per session, ca. 2 hours x 4 sessions per season).

4. Sessions are held every 8 to 10 weeks.

5. Participants get homework to pay attention to their behavior and get tips on what to change.


1. Takes place at the field or in the training room.

2. Duration is ca 1:30 hours.

3. Participants are required to wear suitable clothing (e.g. a training suit)

4. Personal contact is required during the physical activities (e.g. judo) by keeping eye contact to be aware of oneself and the others. This stimulates resilience.

5. The exercises need to be repeated every 6 weeks to remember the learned material.

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About Me

In a period of 16 years I've developed my own method to make each individual or team stronger, as well as in sports as in business.
On this website you can read a general explanation of the method I have developed.
Unfortunately I can't go in further specific detail what I do present during my sessions then the information you can read on this page.
This is not possible because my approach is tailor-made, after all each individual or group is different.
For more information, please contact me.

With sportive gratitude I salute you,
Aziz Alaoui